The DCX-500 Soap Plodder Machine

Unleash Your Creativity

Custom extruder nozzles allow for you to create unlimited designs for your soaps. Unlock the potential of B2B sales with promotional product (logo) soaps! Great ideas for business events, special events, holidays, branding programs, and more.

Automated Production

Use the machine to extrude billets (logs) of soap through custom designed extruder nozzles. Simply feed the machine with soap product and unleash your production potential.

Simple Design

Precise control of your soap extruder with simple automation in an easy to read control panel. Control nozzle temperature for a clean finish of your extruded soap product.


A robust soap extruder, made in the U.S.A., and built specifically for the small to medium sized soap producers. The DCX-500 Extruder is a mere fraction of the cost compared to the vast majority of commercial extruders on the market today.

The DCX-500 Soap Extruder / Plodder In Action