The DCX-500 Soap Finishing Line (Extruder and Stamper)

Soap Milling/Refining

The DCX-500 is a 2-stage extruder machine that allows for both the milling of soap into noodles, and also the extrusion process.

Soap Extruder/Plodder

Use the DCX-500 extruder/plodder to extrude billets (logs) of soap through custom designed extruder nozzles. Simply feed the machine with soap product and unleash your production potential.

Soap Stamping

The DCX-100 Soap Stamper allows the extruded product to be stamped into a shaped, final product ready for packaging.

Custom Fabrication

Each DCX-500 Finishing Line comes with custom fabricated Extruder/Plodder and Pneumatic Soap Stamper machines. Custom extruder nozzles are fabricated to your specifications. 2.5 inch diamter extruder nozzle head will fit most output designs. Custom soap stamper dies, for the DCX-100 Soap Stamper, allow a custom design for your final bar soap product.

The DCX-500 Soap Finishing Line